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World of Shisha How tosetup a hookah

How to Setup a Hookah

How to Setup a Hookah. Step 1: Assemble Hookah Stem, Pressure Release Valve, Vase & Hose – Test Airflow

Start each hookah session with an airflow test to confirm that your shisha pipe is in working order. Assemble the stem with included pressure release valve making sure the ball bearing is inside and moving freely. Connect the stem to the vase using a vase grommet and then attach the hookah hose with the needed grommet as well. Make sure each hookah part is secure. While covering the top of the hookah stem with your hand, inhale from the hose. You should get very little to no air meaning you have an air-tight hookah. If you are getting air, check grommets for a secure fit. 

Step 2: Fill Hookah Vase with Water

Once airflow is confirmed, detach the vase and fill with water so that when reconnected the water covers one (1) inch of the inserted down stem. Securely reconnect the hookah base with a rubber grommet. Now is a good time to set the ashtray on the hookah stem as well.

How to Setup a Hookah
How to Setup a Hookah

Step 3: How to Pack a Hookah Bowl

Flavor Hookah Cyprus Collection. Online Collection here. Shisha can be packed in a hookah bowl with many different techniques that can be affected by the type of tobacco and style of bowl. We will use a normal packing method that works for most shisha tobacco brands and bowls. Stir your shisha inside of the bag or tin to mix in glycerin and flavors before breaking it up and sprinkling into the hookah bowl. Fill the bowl to the rim and gently pat down the tobacco until it is slightly below the rim. Cover the bowl tightly with hookah foil. Drum tight and secure the edges down around the bowl. Use a toothpick or foil poker to poke holes evenly around the foil to create airflow. Lastly, place the filled hookah bowl on top of the stem using the needed rubber bowl grommet.

Step 4: How to Light Hookah Charcoal

Depending on the style of hookah charcoal you have, lighting coals can be very different. Non-quick lighting, natural charcoal needs to be heated on a stove. Usually an electric coil charcoal burner. Set 2-3 coals on the burner until one side is glowing red and then flip until the other side matches. Once the whole charcoal is lit, place on top of you hookah foil, evenly around the outside of the hookah bowl. Ihttps://shishastarcy.com/index.php/contact-us/

Quick light charcoal takes much less time and can be lit using an open flame such as a lighter or match. Simply hold the charcoal with hookah tongs in the open flame, rotating until fully lit. Place on top of your hookah foil.

Step 5: Happy Smoking!

Once everything is set up, give it a minute to heat. If you start taking puffs right away, it won’t be enjoyable. Wait 4-5 minutes for the shisha tobacco to bake and start producing smoke and then enjoy the bold shisha flavors! If coals start to ash or blackout, or clouds and flavor dissipate, simply move and rotate the charcoals to a new spot on the bowl. Happy smoking!

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