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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Hookahs

Something about being able to see your full draw of smoke from hookah bowl to hose just hits different. All glass hookah pipes entered the hookah scene around 2010 and seemingly took over in a short time. The craze for the sleek, interesting designs and absolutely pure hookah smoke was real. Although the enthusiasm has slowed for glass hookahs, companies are still producing some of the best glass hookah models yet. Vapor Glass Hookah has made a name for themselves with creative setups and all glass hookah parts. Maybe it’s time you look into adding a glass hookah to your collection. We break down the pros and cons of these majestic smoking pipes. Read on.

A Guide to All Glass Hookahs

Glass Hookah vs Traditional Hookah

The main draw to all glass hookahs is the unrivaled smoothness of each pull of shisha smoke. The use of all glass hookah accessories including glass on glass seals instead of rubber grommets, creates an air-tight enclosure that traditional hookahs cannot match. This purity of smoke can be tasted through each puff of flavored tobacco. Each flavor seems stronger when untainted by any metals or rubber. Aesthetics is another key point to the explosion of glass hookahs. Hand blowing glass can take any shape imaginable. You’ll find unique designs not available in traditional metal hookahs.

Vapor Glass Hookah X Model

Along with these key pros, you’ll also find there are several ways glass hookahs fall short of their traditional counterparts. The main concern with glass is always the fragility. Thickness of glass can differ between brands but you’ll always need to be a little more careful when handling. One wrong movement can bring your hookah session to a crashing halt. Which brings me to my next point, part replacement and customization. Because of the glass on glass seals and perfect fitment, you are limited on finding hookah accessories that fit. Your favorite clay phunnel bowl may not work with the glass stem and you can’t replace the vase with a more colorful option. Customization is very limited compared to traditional hookahs.

As you can see, it’s very 50/50 when comparing the two. The hookah you purchase really comes down to the personal style you like!

Vapor Glass Hookah Torpedo Glass Hookah Hose

Glass Hookah Accessories

As stated, every part of an all glass hookah is made out of, you called it, glass. Everything from the glass hookah bowl, stem, built-in diffuser, tray, vase and glass hookah hose handle are all hand blown. This creates a cohesiveness in design like no other hookah. The connection between each piece is perfectly sealed with a glass on glass attachment. The slightly textured glass tightly connects but is easy to set and remove. You can purchase replacement glass hookah parts and accessories including different bowl shapes and hose handles. All from the high-quality Vapor Glass Hookah brand!

Glass Hookah Stem & Glass Hookah Bowl Adapter

How to Clean Glass Hookahs

Cleaning a glass hookah is actually quite simple! Without all of the extra grommets and rubber that may hold bacteria and the variance in metals, wood or other materials that can corrode or rust, it really comes down to rinsing your hookah thoroughly and wiping it down. Initially rinse out any loose particles and then with a cleaning solution like Formula 420 Glass Cleaner, let it soak for a bit. After a couple of minutes, rinse again and use a soft cleaning brush to get to hard to reach areas. If you stay on top of maintenance and don’t let anything build up, cleaning your glass hookah is a breeze.

All glass hookahs can be a statement piece to your hookah collection and one of the purest smoking sessions you’ve ever had. If you are ready to try one out, check out the full line of Vapor Glass Hookahs

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